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Electric Adjustable Standing Desk - StandDesk - Black Adjustable Height Desk (60" X 30", Black Frame)

StandDesk - Black Adjustable Height Desk (60" x 30", Black Frame)

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StandDesk® Black Adjustable-Height Standing Desk (2-Button Controller)

You can never go wrong with the sleek and highly functional electric Black Adjustable Height Standing Desk. On its own, this workstation lends an elegant, sophisticated and and professional feel to any room. It goes well with all types of interior design, especially modern or minimalist-inspired styles. Such versatility and class makes it a real standout, hence explaining why this raven-hued motorized stand-up desk variant is one of our bestsellers. 

That bold air of mystery defining black draws people to it. A bold, eye-catching neutral hue, it goes well with all colors. It highlights the beauty and intensity of any color paired with it while maintaining its own strength and beauty. This black electric sit-stand desk looks awesome either by itself or when placed alongside other decors, accessories and/or other furniture pieces.

Given these qualities, expect this type of motorized standing desks to bring out the color and uniqueness of the other furnishings and decors in the room. Its intensity benefits users as it automatically holds attention and helps redirect and retain focus on whatever task is at hand. Unlike white, black has a unique energy that does not only capture the users' attention but also directs it. So you can focus more easily on your tasks and stay alert on the job.

No-nonsense, success-driven professionals; conscientious, goal-oriented personalities; and smart, confident individuals will fall in love with the cool intensity and durability of the Black Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Its impeccable craftsmanship and reliable functionality explain why it has long been regarded as a staple to many modern offices today. 



★ DURABLE 60" x 30" TOP with IMPECCABLE BLACK FINISH: The top of this motorized adjustable height desk is made of high-quality wood material that has been cut and prepared to perfection. Then, it's finished off with an even coating of high quality black paint, which we have especially picked out for its environment-friendly quality. The paint doesn't contain formaldehyde, so you can look forward to maintaining the healthy quality of your indoor air.

★ ADJUSTABLE DESK HEIGHT: Adjust the height of your electric standing desk with ease. It can be raised to varying heights from 24.5" up to 50.25". Thus, it is ideal for people who are 5'2" up to 6'5" tall. 

★ FAST, POWERFUL YET QUIET MOTOR: At the speed of 1.3"-1.5" per second (can get faster or slower depending on the load's weight), the motor of this durable desk works 20% better than the competition. It is capable of operating smoothly even when elevating while supporting a heavy load weighing up to 400 lbs. Because its whirring sound does not get louder than 44 decibels during motion, you can adjust your desk's height without any distracting noise.

★ HIGHLY DURABLE STEEL BASE: Because product durability means using the strongest materials available, we built each desk frame using top-quality steel. So it stays strong and sturdy and never warps despite the passing of time. What is more, our expert craftsmen coated it with environment-friendly, non-toxic imported materials.  

★ UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY GUARANTEED: Each electric black standing desk comes with a limited 10-year warranty, which is one of the longest desk warranty in the industry, for its durable steel frame. With this, you also get a 5-year warranty for the motor and electronic parts comprised of the controller and keypad.  


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