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Keyboard Tray - IMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Keyboard Tray - IMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Keyboard Tray - IMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Keyboard Tray - IMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Keyboard Tray - IMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Keyboard Tray - IMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

iMovR - Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

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A state-of-the-art ergonomic keyboard tray, yet priced 30% less than top-end brands like Humanscale, the iMovR Stowaway is made specifically for users who want uncompromising typing comfort and easy adjustability. Stow it away under your desk in an instant. Install quickly using the convenient pre-drilled pilot holes found on select iMovR tabletops, or drill your own holes and use it with any desk of your choice.


  • Fixes wrist extension and elbow flexion (allows neutral position)
  • 8.8" of vertical height adjustment
  • Up to negative 20º of tilt
  • Fits all iMovR tabletops



Complete Ergonomics

Stowaway allows for a completely neutral typing position, helping minimize wrist extension and elbow flexion. With up to 8.8" of height adjustment and 20º of negative tilt, you can position your keyboard for healthy and productive typing whether you're sitting or standing. 

compared tiltIt's All in the Tilt

Offering such a wide range of both vertical height and negative tilt adjustments does wonders for your ergonomics. This minor enhancement allows typists to keep their hands in a comfortable position.

Any decent keyboard tray fixes two common ergonomic woes.  Wrist extension (bending the wrists too far back toward the forearm) and elbow flexion (holding the elbows at too sharp an angle).  Negative tilt helps with the former, while vertical height adjustment helps with the latter. The Stowaway ergonomic keyboard tray passes both requirements with flying colors.  While the industry standard for negative tilt is 15º, this tray goes the extra mile and can be adjusted to negative 20º of tilt - especially important for treadmill deskers.  

This tray also shines in terms of vertical height adjustment.  Most similar products bring around 6” of height adjustment, compared to the 8.8” inches of vertical adjustment range of this keyboard arm. With such a sweeping range of adjustment the Stowaway arm can actually reach above the desk surface. For very tall individuals whose adjustable height desks just don’t reach high enough for ergonomic comfort the added height can be a real blessing.

On the Grid

We’ve seen our share of height-adjustment mechanisms here at iMovR.  Cheaper trays tend to use knobs, which require loosening and retightening for every move, and sometimes have a hard time staying tight.  Lever-locking mechanisms are one step up, and a welcome one at that, but truly nice keyboard trays – like the Stowaway– use a lift-and-lock system.  The keyboard tray itself is a lever.  Lift up on the front, and the arm unlocks, allowing easy vertical movement.  The tray is also counterbalanced, making it extremely easy to find your perfect position.

Tilt is fine-tuned by twisting a knob.  Both dimensions of adjustment are tracked by a slider on a “Battleship” style grid readout.  The grid, which lies on the face of the adjustable arm makes it easy to remember your favorite arrangement – an extremely helpful feature if you’re switching positions, or sharing a desk with coworkers.

Versatile accommodation for all popular keyboards and pointing devices

The clamp-on, fully-articulating mouse platform can swivel around from any position on the left or right edges of the keyboard tray, allowing you to bring your mouse closer to your body (eliminating reach is ergonomically beneficial).  What’s more, the platform also has a couple of inches of independent height adjustment, and independent tilt adjustment – both of which are really handy features, as the best location for your keyboard isn’t necessarily the best for your mouse. Those with ergonomic keyboards, or similar products, also have the option of removing the leather-like foam-filled palm rest, and using your board’s built-in rests instead.

A 22" rail allows the tray to be installed horizontally on the leading edge of most height-adjustable desks, regardless of crossbar location. Horizontal placement also allows the Stowaway to slide from side to side, making perfect ergonomic positioning easier than ever. Want to stow your keyboard tray under your desk? No problem. Simply turn the tray to the left or right and it tucks away cleanly under your tabletop.

Lifetime Warranty

Yes, you read that right. Not many products in this category come with a lifetime warranty. The Stowaway does.


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