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Corner Standing Desk - IMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk
Corner Standing Desk - IMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk
Corner Standing Desk - IMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk
Corner Standing Desk - IMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk
Corner Standing Desk - IMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk
Corner Standing Desk - IMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk

iMovR - Energize Corner Standing Desk

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The Energize Corner Standing Desk brings a smart, space-saving design to the world of adjustable-height desks. Featuring the same high-grade, made-in-America components as the Energize, this desk is loaded with configurable options from —all at the price of an import.


  • Optimal Design for Corner Applications
  • Widest Array of Configurable Options
  • American-made Quality, Import Price
  • Revolutionary Freedom Base—Built with State-of-the-Art Robotic Manufacturing Techniques
  • Exclusive Ergo-Contoured 3D Lamination
  • Neat™-certified


iMovR Energize Corner Standing Desk

Optimize Your Corner Space

No matter what your interior design puzzle might be, you'll finally be able to place that missing corner piece - and complete your total office décor in health and style.

Our unique corner design features two legs, instead of one or three legs, and strikes the ideal balance between stability and cost-effectiveness. Sturdier than flimsy one-legged desks, and leaner than their three-legged cousins, our corner desks keep your tabletop from excessive shaking when raised, and by removing an unnecessary third leg from the equation, they lower parts costs along with total desk weight. This makes our corner desks not only less expensive to ship, but also easier to move around the office once you receive them—so you can fine-tune to your heart's content.

The various shapes and sizes allow for fun and creative multiple desk arrangements if you're buying for the whole team, including various honeycomb and zig-zag patterns. And a “chamfered” back edge cuts down excess tabletop weight and makes mounting monitors arms simple, so you can easily keep your monitors at the ergonomically proper height and depth.

iMovR Energize Standing Desk, Most Configurable

Most Configurable Standing Desk Line in the World

An incredible array of optional desktop shapes, sizes and colors continues in the tradition of iMovR's "Dell-like" mass customization production process. Combined with the Cascade Standing Desk, the Freedom Line offers over 3,400 desk configurations.

The Energize is available in both Standard (30”) or Compact (24”) depths, Corner Shapes, and three separate base options (including height extenders). You can also choose a Slim (0.75") or Select (1.125") desktop, in 22 standard colors. Once you create the workstation of your dreams, we build it to order out of our manufacturing plant in Michigan. For those who want their desk ready to plug-in and go, we even offer factory pre-assembly and testing.

Note: The Cascade Standing Desk is identical to the Energize, with the addition of a SteadyType® keyboard tray.

iMovR Energize Standing Desk, American Quality

American-made Quality, Import Price

Key to the Energize's cost competitiveness, state-of-the-art quality, and high performance is our exclusive advanced manufacturing technology. Our precision robotic base production combined with our unique tabletop construction deliver peerless durability and performance for a desk in this category. Above-average height range, lift capacity, and transit speed—all are backed by our industry-leading warranty coverage.

Our automated manufacturing is also responsible for the Energize's competitive price point. Production efficiencies—along with the fact we build on-demand, carrying little to no inventory—give us a cost edge over imported desk alternatives; they enable us to offer the high-caliber, American-made Energize at a comparatively low price.


iMovR Freedom Desks - Robotic Manufacturing Techniques

Revolutionary Freedom Base—Built with State-of-the-Art Robotic Manufacturing Techniques

The Energize desk is built on iMovR's revolutionary Freedom™ Base. We’ve used pioneering robotic automation techniques to manufacture the Freedom to the highest precision tolerances. The result is seamless performance and impressive stability. With this much built-in quality, we're able to provide a 10-year warranty on all base components.

PerfectPaint™ Glide System

iMovR Freedom Perfect Paint™ Glide SystemThe Freedom Base is rated to 265 lbs. yet easily outperforms imported bases with higher weight ratings. This is because linear actuators (the legs of the desk) made to sloppy manufacturing tolerances have to overcome far greater side load stresses and friction compared to actuators on the Freedom Base. The Freedom Base's PerfectPaint™ glide system ensures smooth operation and scratch-free legs. Conventional standing desk legs use plastic end caps which wear down with daily use. The distinctive crimped tube ends of the Freedom base not only reduce parts cost, but are designed to last many years longer. 

iMovR Freedom Digital LCD ControllerWith a transit speed of 1.5 inches-per-second and whisper-quiet motors, the Freedom outperforms most imported bases. It even includes electronic anti-collision detection as a standard feature. The digital LCD controller displays the desk height in either inches or centimeters, and the UP and DOWN buttons cleverly double as your sitting and standing height memory preset buttons.

iMovR Freedom Standing Desk Base

Freedom and Freedom XT

The Freedom base comes in two versions. The standard base has two-segment legs and a height range of 24.7" to 42.8" (not including top, extended leveling feet or casters).  The Freedom XT has three-segment legs and a height range of 20.3" to 46.4", and is ANSI/BIFMA certified (5.5 and 7.1). We recommend the XT base for users over 5'11". For extra tall users (over 6'2"), you can add 6" height extenders to the XT base, expanding its range to nearly 54". Both bases are UL 962/ CSA 68 Certified. Color options include black, silver, or white.

Note: Initially some of the components of the Freedom base are robotically manufactured in Europe (GSA compliant). We expect to be manufacturing all components, other than the German Bosch motors, in the USA soon.

iMovR 3D Laminated Tabletops

Exclusive 3D Lamination Technology

Defining the state-of-the-art in adjustable-height furniture, all iMovR tabletops are ergo-contoured on precision CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment and then hermetically sealed with Surf(x) 3D lamination, providing superior performance to conventional high-pressure laminated, powder-coated, and even hardwood tops you'll find on other desks. 

Every desk manufacturer claims their tabletops are unique, but in fact most all of them use the same "high-pressure laminate" (HPL) surfaces. This means that a 3mm thick laminate is pressed onto a particle board or MDF core. If you remove the grommet cover of an HPL top, you’ll see a cross section of unfinished wood. iMovR’s tabletops are manufactured with much more advanced technology than standard HPL. They outperform all HPL and powder-coated table tops—even most hardwood tops—in resistance to dings, scratches, discoloration, and damage from cleaning chemicals. 

All the edges and corners of our tabletops are precision-contoured to create an elegant and ergonomic "comfort edge," while also rounding off those sharp corners. The chosen color or woodgrain image is then thermofused to the core using an advanced 3D lamination process that covers every exposed surface of the wood. This 3D lamination method is not only more elegant in appearance compared to standard lamination, it better protects the tabletop from moisture damage and warping, and guarantees a higher level of durability. So durable, in fact, that even strong disinfectants used in hospitals will not tarnish your tabletop's finish.Learn more about the advantages of 3D lamination, and about iMovR's  commitment to environmental sustainability.


This is a NEAT™ (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certified product; its usage will help combat the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Standing while working is the first line of defense against sitting disease, as the small movements you make throughout the day while standing increase your body’s energy expenditure and heart rate.


Customize Your Energize Desk

Choose from hundreds of color and size options, and a plethora of matching accessories to customize your desk to ergonomic perfection.

Choose your tabletop color:

iMovR offers 21 standard colors plus hundreds of custom color choices—more than any other manufacturer of height-adjustable desks. See below for full-screen, hi-res color samples.

For 4″ × 6″ handheld samples, see our iMovR 3D Laminate Color Sample Kit to find a match for your workspace.

Solid Colors

Wood Grains

Because of the way these woodgrain images wrap perfectly around the ergo-contoured edges of a desktop, visitors to our showroom often have a hard time distinguishing the hand-carved look of these 3D woodgrain laminates from real, solid-wood desks sitting right next to them. These woodgrain colors also hide fingerprints, water rings and dust very well.

Textured Wood Grains

Through advanced, state-of-the-art 3D-lamination technology these reclaimed wood simulations actually have the ridged tactile feel of real wood planks. This technology was developed for customers who love the romantic, weathered look of reclaimed wood but don't want to deal with its high propensity for cracking, warping and decomposition.


Soft-Touch Matte Luxe

These newly invented, state-of-the-art "soft-touch" laminates have an amazing tactile feel. Both to the hand and to the eye they exude a sense of luxury, beauty and style like no other desktop surface. These warm, neutral tones are as calming as they are elegant, and the matte finish makes fingerprints, water rings and dust disappear from view.

Choose your Base Color:

iMovR standing desk bases come in black, silver, and white.

Choose from black, white, or silver base finishes to match your office décor.



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