How To Get a Free Standing Desk At Your Workplace

So, you read all of the benefits of a standing desk and are ready to jump in to the future of work space today. The only thing that is standing in your way is convincing your boss to make the switch. Ergo Desk is here to help you do that.

The easiest way is to simply talk to your boss and explain the benefits of working at a standing desk. You could list all of the life changing reasons, for example: less obesity risk, reduced cancer risk, longer life and better posture! But let’s be real, as much as you think your boss cares about your health, he is still running a business and that remains his number one priority. So how do you convince your boss a standing desk is good for business? Well you should let him know these facts:

  1. Increased Productivity: A study by Texas A&M Health Science Center found that call center employees performed over 46% better than their sitting desk colleagues over a 6-month period.

  2. Increased Energy and Focus: Study by Take a Stand Project discovered that over 70% of employees over a 6 week period felt more energized and focused with a standing desk.

  3. Cost savings: World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting conducted a joint study  that found each employee saved over 700$ per year with the use of the standing desk, due to increased productivity and healthcare costs.

  4. Increased creativity: study linked to increased creativity in employees during the work day. No wonder companies like Google, Facebook, AOL and MyErgoDesk are all using standing desks!

If you believe these reasons are not enough to convince your boss and you truly would like to seal the deal on a standing  then do it with a Doctor’s note! With the long-term health benefits of a standing desk, you do not need to have any type of chronic pain for your doctor to write you a quick note. This should not cost you a dime as most employer health insurance plans cover a free annual checkup at which you can request your note. Just mention all of the health benefits of a standing desk and you should be all set with your new standing desk!