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How To Get a Free Standing Desk At Your Workplace

How To Get a Free Standing Desk At Your Workplace

So, you read all of the benefits of a standing desk and are ready to jump in to the future of work space today. The only thing that is standing in...
Why stand ?

Why stand ?

Did you know that an average person spends almost 80% of their day in a sedentary state? Let’s look at a typical day of an office worker. They wa...

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Guys at Myergodesk helped me find a perffet adjustable standing desk as a solution for my back pain. I suffer back pain and I discovered that switching position is a great medicine for a relieve  of back pain.  The adjustable standing desk helps me a lot.

Danny H.

I ordered a standing desk converter from MyErgoDesk for my cubicle desk at work. It fits the corner perfectly. Very easy to assemble with clear instructions. I'm using it with two sets of two arms and have  24 inch LED displays mounted on it. It is very stable and doesn't appear top heavy even when fully extended. Stable, excellent quality, easy to use, easy to assemble and looks great!

Mark K

Everyone in the office wants my standing desk. The height adjustments are perfect for everyone and the extra slot to hold a phone, tablet is awesome.”

Jesii V